Cooley Distillery Upgrade

Cooley Distillary

Project Description

Cooley Distillery was run on a Texas Instrument PLC based system since its foundation in 1987, the need arose to replace not only this obsolete technology, but also to generate process and Instrumentation drawings (P&IDs) , electrical panel drawings and a master Tag list.

The Rockbrook project team worked together with Cooley distillery during the Pre engineering phase of this project to ensure the survey, design and supply of an electronic set of process and Instrumentation drawings, electrical panel drawings and master Tag list were completed to the highest possible standard. This enabled the software team to have accurate process and electrical information to ensure SCADA graphics, SCADA engineering and software engineering was as per the actual plant.

Rockbrook designed a complete Industrial networking solution which includes an IT Rack, KVM extenders, Industrial Ethernet, Profibus DP, Profibus PA Ex and Profibus PA Non Ex Rated Areas.

All new instruments are connected to the control system over Profibus PA, this reduces wiring costs and provides more detailed information from each instrument. All I/O has been connected using remote I/O stations which also reduces wiring costs.

The Installed SCADA control system has improved the plant by:

  • Reducing unplanned downtime.
  • Increasing system support for current technology.
  • Simplifying the system by removing obsolescence.
  • Allowing for future expansion of the system.
  • Providing additional closed loop control in order to improve the quality and consistency of the final product.