Lighting Control System

Lighting Control System

The Rockbrook Lighting Control System is a Future-Proof, high specification lighting control system that is easy to install, commission, and operate. Lighting accounts for approximately 28% of a buildings electricity consumption.

Effective energy reduction and cost savings can only be achieved by automaton. This also takes into account the comfort requirement of the room occupants so that the lighting level can be optimally adjusted to the required situation.

Presence Detection and maximum use of natural light using Constant light Control also have significant cost benefits related to energy consumption save energy especially during periods of least occupancy. Automatic testing and reporting of the Emergency Lighting system always ensures that a safe and exit from the building is available.

Flexibility is a key feature of our system. Our extensive range of installation options ensure you get a solution that reduces installation times and a variety of software interfaces and gateways which allows the control system to Integrate seamlessly with other third party building solutions.

It employs the tried and tested Open Protocol KNX (European Installation Bus) which has building control products from over 150 leading Manufacturers that work together. The system is further future proofed by the support of over 200 certified KNX Engineers in Ireland.