Integrated Security Solutions

Integrated Security Solutions

All Rockbrook security systems are provided and installed by third party PSA (Private Security Authority)  licensed partners.

Rockbrook Security Management System is comprised of an extremely powerful & flexible CCTV and Access Control system that provides a high level of security without compromising convenience and ease of access for system users.

Features such as advanced audit-trail logging, advanced alarm management, anti-pass back functionality (including workgroup anti-pass back), door interlocking, escort control mode, lift management and video surveillance. A wide variety of other advanced features are also available as options.

Our integrated security solutions also offer the possibility to seamlessly integrate with other building management systems.

Rockbrook Access Control System provides:

  • Time scheduling
  • Manual system override
  • Dynamic graphical status screen
  • Instructional alarm response windows
  • Full system archiving and res¬toration function


Rockbrook CCTV Systems are both IP & Analogue with Milestone open-protocol video software. Our CCTV Solutions are designed to fit into a state-of the art IT environment, the modular structure and scalability of our system make it easy to adjust to keep pace with the changing needs of any organisation.

With Rockbrook monitoring software it is possible to begin recording from any cam¬era with a single click of the mouse using recording-based shortcuts that can be easily created and placed on graphical plans.

All recording events and their status appear in real time in the audit trail, and can be played back instantly by simply clicking on the recording event.

Facility Intrusion Detection

From basic to complex security / panic alarms, Rockbrook supplies a vast range of products supporting a variety of security requirements including panels, detectors and sounders.

Our system is modular & flexible; it can be customised to any commercial enterprise and is suitable for projects exceeding 500 zones.

If a room window is opened Rockbrook Integrated Facility Management System “iFMS” uses the intruder system window contact to place the room heating in standby to reduce energy costs.

Perimeter Intrusion detection PIDS

Rockbrooks Perimeter Intrusion System “PIDS” is a ranging buried ported coaxial cable electromagnetic field sensor system for outdoor perimeter intrusion detection.

It can function both as a standalone system or can be integrated with other 3rd party components to form a centralised, integrated Perimeter Detection System “PIDS”.

The system has a sensitivity threshold to detect any intruder over 35kg (77 lbs). Whether an intruder walks, crawls, rolls, jumps, or runs through the field, our system will detect the perpetrator in real time within an accuracy of 1 metre.


  • Completely covert detection system
  • Virtual fence ensures that site aesthetics are left unchanged
  • Tamper proof
  • Lowest vulnerability to defeat of any outdoor perimeter intrusion detection sensor
  • Detects and accurately locates multiple simultaneous intrusions
  • Can be integrated with other third party systems