Integrated Facilities Management | iFMS

Integrated Facilities Management “iFMS”

Integrated Facility Management Systems (iFMS) is our approach to modern building control and automation. iFMS enables building users such as Facilities, Engineering and Security to have complete control and visibility over all their buildings systems. Centralised control makes scheduling and control of building services a simple task. All building systems from Lighting and HVAC to Utilities Distribution can be setup to provide optimum performance when required with minimal energy usage therefore reducing energy costs and carbon footprint.

During the construction and development phase of a building developers and commissioning engineers are afforded significant advantages by iFMS in delivering their end product. iFMS can minimise building commissioning times by allowing engineers easy and central access to all building systems. The trending and historical tools integrated into the system can be used to evaluate the performance of a system or the result of altering the operation of one system and how it may affect other building systems.

The system contains many products which qualify for the Accelerated Capital Allowance scheme run by the SEI. Details of the products covered under this scheme can be found on the SEI website.

Key Benefits:

Cost Reduction

  • Simplified Installation and Commissioning
  • Centralised operations point reduces operating costs
  • Shared Systems Information = more functionality per €
  • Energy performance is an integrated consideration in ALL systems


  • Systems work together to optimise environmental conditions for all building users


  • Open Protocol allows buildings to be configured for various purposes both today and in the future
  • True integration means all data is shared and not just the specified bits

Reduced Risks

  • Open architecture systems means equipment is not vendor specific.
  • Integration aids protection of the building assists and building users