Heating & Ventilation Systems - Rockbrook HVAC Systems

Heating & Ventilation Systems

Heating & Ventilation Systems “HVAC” control the ambient environment within a building; this includes temperature, humidity and air quality. Integrated HVAC and environmental control systems can prepare the building for periods of maximum occupancy, maintain a suitable environment and save energy during periods of least occupancy.

Rockbrooks Heating & Ventilation System “HVAC” is based on future proof BACnet Modbus & KNX open protocol technology framework. This guarantees the return of investment through the lifespan of the building and allows the flexibility to easily expand if required.

The Heating & Ventilation System comprises of a wide modular range of highly reliable components that offer safe automation and control. It can optimise both simple and complex systems with products ranging from individual room controllers to main plant controllers.

The HVAC System can integrate multiple heating, cooling and natural energy resources to provide maximum efficiency through out a building.

Natural Ventilation

Natural ventilation regulates a building’s indoor climate by exploiting the natural forces created by temperature differences between the interior and exterior environment, thermal displacement within the building and winds around the building.

The air is kept fresh by controlling air replacement, typically by using windows in the building’s facade and/or roof. Ventilation is achieved by automatically opening and closing windows depending on conditions inside and outside the building and the need for fresh air.

Because natural forces are free, natural ventilation is extremely energy efficient compared to traditional ventilation solutions and this means that natural ventilation systems are both environmentally friendly and very economical to run.

An optimised HVAC system can:

  • Improve staff efficiency in a commercial workplace
  • Improve concentration in educational buildings
  • Create greater consumer interest in a retail environment