Energy Management System

Energy Management System

Rockbrooks Energy Management System is a computer based control system that controls and monitors a building’s mechanical and electrical equipment such as air handling systems, plant cooling systems, lighting, power systems, fire systems, and security systems.

It provides multiple control philosophies to cater for various uses or seasonal requirements. These various Energy Management plans allow multiple load shedding scenarios and priority structures based on available power and venue usage.

What can Rockbrook EMS do for your business?

Information & Awareness

Awareness of your energy usage is the first step to optimising its use. By presenting energy usage information in a clear, defined and simple way both end users and utilities providers can begin to implement a system of energy optimisation.

Rockbrook EMS presents your energy usage information in a clear and simple way. The system provides information applicable to the everyday user, facilities management and financial management.

Identify Opportunities

Information & Awareness allow energy users to identify opportunities for optimisation of the energy usage. By analysing energy usage at a user or service level steps can be implemented to reduce or optimise the energy requirement.

For example, the energy requirement of a buildings lighting system may be significantly reduced by improving the awareness of occupants and installation of an automated lighting control system.

Rockbrook EMS is part of the Rockbrook iFMS Solution. iFMS allows the complete integration of all of a facilities control and utilities management systems under one single system. EMS is the first step on the path to a fully integrated energy management and control solution.

Energy Management

Management of the energy resource is made when accurate and detailed information is just a mouse click away. Rockbrook EMS easy to use interface can provide information that is tailored to the user throughout all levels of your business.

The EMS interface is always user friendly and easy to use, whether an occupant requires information on how well their department is performing or facilities management personnel are monitoring power quality to a particular service.

What is different about Rockbrook EMS

  • Flash based Web technology presents easily understood information
  • System provides tips to save energy at everyday user level. The features also include real time performance indicators. Both tips and additional user features may be integrated into the user or business intranet/ home page so that individually users can see how they or their department are performing
  • Most energy systems require additional equipment expenditure on energy efficient devices to realise payback
  • Our system apart from providing all of the reporting features required by financial planners and facility managers also shows end users how their behaviour, awareness and actions can instantly start reducing energy costs. This is achieved via internet based league tables of the best and worst performers.
  • Rockbrook will subsidise the cost of purchase and installation if any of our iBMS energy management and control systems are later utilised as part of an energy saving strategy

Features and Integration

  • Promotes energy awareness at user level via graphical dashboard type views
  • Facilitates a competitive approach to energy management by means of a league table between cost centres
  • Detailed reporting features
  • Unlimited Area (Cost Centre Division)
  • Up to 24 meters per area
  • Allows targets to be set for each cost centre
  • Reports can be printed or data exported for further analysis
  • Seamlessly slots into all of Rockbrook Engineering’s iFMS product offerings