Rockbrook Service Level Agreements

Service Excellence

Rockbrook service level agreements are tailor designed to suit the working times and availability of the systems to be supported. We offer a modular type approach to allow support components to be chosen to suit every budget and requirement.

We strive to improve our service levels every year and reduce both the cost and downtime incurred by our customers. We analyse callout statistics and trends to forecast issues before they happen. For example seasonal trends, new staff, system upgrades etc.
We actively train operators based on these trends in advance to continually try to stop the call happening in the first place. It is a fact that most system callout issues are due to operator interaction and understanding of how systems operate.

Our Service Agreements can include:

  • 24 Hour/ 365 day on-call service with optional VPN remote access
  • 15 minute verbal response time to all callouts
  • Remote secure dial in support “this has allowed us to consistently achieve resolution times of under 35 minutes”
  • Site visit within a two hour time frame in the unlikely event of an unsuccessful remote support attempt or hardware failures
  • Support to plant maintenance technicians from the control system down to field device level
  • Real time logging of error and fixes with comprehensive web based error reporting and call tracking software.
  • Reports issued in real time to the customer