Corporate AV Solutions

Corporate AV Solutions

Today’s business markets are expanding globally; it is common practice to be meeting with someone three thousand miles away one moment and to be in the room next door a moment later. To this end effective means of communications need to be adopted to minimise the effects of the physical barriers this trend introduces.

Rockbrook Engineering Ltd can provide high technology corporate AV solutions for the average meeting room with regard to presentation equipment, conference phones, audio systems, multimedia display devices and interactive whiteboards. Meeting time should not be wasted connecting up equipment and running cables across tables etc.

Our systems allows the projection screen and projector to automatically descend from the ceiling, lighting to be dimmed according to a presentation scene and the projector to be turned on all from the push of a button or alternatively completely automatically via integration from an event management system.

Solutions Include:

  • Multi Screen Projection Systems
  • Constant Light Level Controls
  • Automated Projector Lifts and Screens
  • Audio & Video presentation systems
  • Video Conferencing
  • Integration to Event Management Systems
  • Touch Screen Room Control Systems
  • Digital Signage & IPTV Integration

Video Conferencing – How does it work?

When you are engaged in a meeting with someone thousands of miles away or indeed next door, video conferencing will bring them to your office and vice versa.

You can control their camera and they can control yours. Cameras can also auto-detect speakers and via face recognition always keep the speaker in focus. Multiple screens can be used to display multiple locations simultaneously.

Due to the flexibility of the system, document cameras and computer screens can also be routed to the meeting participants easily. Quite often seeing your colleagues or customers reaction to ideas can be more telling than a voice conversation and the benefit which in sues should not be underestimated.

We also provide solutions for the more traditional meeting room setup to enable any Audio Video format to be easily selected and displayed on screen(s) via HD presentation switchers and scalars. These devices manage all your media sources irrespective of format and allow push button selection for transmission to a HD TV or projector via a single cable while filling the room with audio as required.